1973 Fender Jazz

1973 Fender Jazz

My first bass – 1973 Fender Jazz bass guitar. I bought this bass second hand from a classified ad in the Bismarck Tribune. It was my one and only bass until recently. I played it from about age 10 through junior high and high school. This photo was taken not long after I bought it. I also acquired the Acoustic 150 amp and cabinet around the same time.

Playing bass at age 12

I took this bass with me to the Reno Jazz festival my senior year.

jazz festival

Not long after this photo was taken, I put the bass in its case and left it there until late 2020. When I pulled it out of storage, I realized it desperately needed an overhaul. The body and neck were in great shape. But the electronics were shot. I replaced the broken pots and swapped out the original pickups with a set of Aguilar hum canceling pickups. Otherwise, all of the hardware (bridge & tuning machines) is original. I still have the original pickups, pickup covers, and thumbrest.