Who Am I?

Mark Carlson

Mark Carlson - SF East Bay (Walnut Creek) Bass Player

I learned to play bass in elementary school and played in jazz & pep bands throughout junior high and high school. But after graduation, the bass remained tucked in its case for decades. During COVID lockdowns, my younger daughter expressed an interest in learning to play guitar. I began playing again too, hoping to enjoy the occasional practice sessions with her. Now, I play (or sub) in a few local cover bands:

Check out my schedule of events.

My bass collection has grown from that original 1973 Fender Jazz to include 4 others. My wife says I'm going through a midlife crisis. Well, ok. Yeah. Maybe.

Preferred music styles:

  • Pop (70s/80s/90s through contemporary hit)
  • Rock (Pop/Alternative/Modern/Classic)
  • Contemporary Christian
  • R&B/Soul/Funk
  • Cover/Tribute
  • Or any other style with fun, interesting bass lines!

Other stuff I'm into:

  • Bikes (road & mountain, but prefer mountain)
  • BBQ
  • Beer (IPA - West Coast & New England Hazy)

Stuff I'm not into:

Recent Bass Cover Videos