Who Am I?

Mark Carlson

Mark Carlson - East Bay Bass Player

I learned to play bass in elementary school and played in jazz & pep bands throughout junior high and high school. When I started college, I tucked my bass into its case and left it there for decades. During COVID lockdowns, my younger daughter expressed an interest in learning to play guitar. I began playing again too, hoping to enjoy the occasional practice sessions with her. I am discovering a renewed interest in playing and performing.

In July 2021, I joined a local cover band, Retroflection.

I recently acquired my first 5-string bass just for the challenge of it. In 2021, I picked up a fretless J-style bass and an inexpensive P-style bass for rehearsals and gigging. Most recently, I landed a super-lightweight headless 5-string for comfort on those long 4-hour gigs.

Preferred music styles:

  • Pop (70s/80s/90s through contemporary hit)
  • Rock (Pop/Alternative/Modern/Classic)
  • Contemporary Christian
  • R&B/Soul/Funk
  • Cover/Tribute
  • Or any other style with fun, interesting bass lines!

Other stuff I'm into:

  • Bikes (road & mountain, but prefer mountain)
  • BBQ
  • Beer (IPA - West Coast & New England Hazy)

Stuff I'm not into:

Recent Bass Cover Videos