2021 G&L L-2500

G&L L-2500

After picking up the bass guitar again during the COVID lockdown in December 2020, I quickly discovered that several of the songs I wanted to play along with were recorded on 5-string basses. Phil Collins, Billy Ocean, and Foster The People were just a few. I asked the local music store if they had any 5-string basses. It just so happened that one was on order and would be arriving in a few days. They called me when it came in.

It was a G&L L-2500 in Honeyburst and it had only hung on their wall for a few hours before I offered to give it a new home.

A couple days later, I saw that G&L posted a picture of this option-order instrument on their social media sites:

Guitar on social media

As I’ve discovered, 5-string basses are much harder to play than 4-string. The neck is wider and it’s easier to pluck a string you’re not fretting and vice versa. It’s much less forgiving. My challenge has been to try to play all the songs I know on a 5-string in case it becomes my backup bass at a performance.